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FCA WCM Training Unit Visits Maple Crest


FCA US Mobile Training Unit to Visit Maple Crest Middle School


KOKOMO, IN – The FCA US World Class Manufacturing Mobile Training Unit will be at Maple Crest Middle School for students and the Girl Scouts of Central Indiana on Sept. 21, 2017. The 70-foot trailer will be in Howard and Tipton Counties this week to conduct workshops to introduce students to the critical skills they will need on the job, such as problem solving, creative thinking and continuous improvement.
Abbie Smith, President of the United Way, said, “We are very excited to be bringing FCA US, Kokomo School Corporation and the Girls Scouts of Central Indiana together to help educate our youth on World Class Manufacturing and opening their eyes to new experiences in the workforce.”
During the visit, students will have the opportunity to participate in three training simulations:

• 5S Lego: learn about the value of an orderly work station and how to eliminate clutter to improve efficiency, quality and safety
• Marble Maze: use their dexterity skills and speed to work in an assembly operation
• Operation: using the popular board game, demonstrate how to minimize mistakes by organizing the pieces before they begin

FCA US and the UAW repurposed a former NASCAR trailer to create the World Class Manufacturing mobile training unit to bring workshops directly to plants around the country.
The WCM trailer will host Maple Crest students throughout the school day and the Girl Scouts of Central Indiana from 4-6:30 p.m.