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February 1, 2012

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Community Needs Assessment/Shaping the Future


Kokomo, IN, Feb. 1, 2012/Press Release/ -- United Way of Howard County and the Needs Assessment Partners are readying for the 2012 Needs Assessment and have released three page online surveys concerning Howard County needs.

"Research that identifies a community's strengths, challenges and priorities is important for planning future moves. Community feedback is important now," said Lori Tate, United Way President.

What is a Needs Assessment?
A Community Needs Assessment is used to identify the assets of a community and determine potential concerns that it faces. Surveys are used to collect this data from community leaders, social service agencies, vulnerable populations and local discussion/focus groups. These opinions will be used in building an agenda aimed at community change. 

When was the last Needs Assessment Done?
The last Community Needs Assessment was completed in 2007 by the 4Community Partners: United Way of Howard County, City of Kokomo, Community Foundation, Howard County Health Department, Howard Regional Hospital, Ivy Tech Community College and St.Joseph Hospital and Health Center. This same group will complete the 2012 assessment.

To view 2007 Community Needs Assessment go to initiatives. 

What needs were determined?
Two of the top concerns found by the Howard County Needs Assessment in 2007 were transportation and collaboration. The trolley service was started by the City of Kokomo on September 2, 2010. It has 118 stops, four routes and two lines. Rider ship averages 800 riders daily. 25 benches and 25 bus shelters have been erected. The "Big Table" Council was developed as part of the United Way's 4Community plan for collaboration. This council is comprised of business owners, non profits, service providers, educators and faith based organizations. The "Big Table" supports two neighborhoods (Pine Valley and the Near Northwest) and helps link actions and plans to resources.

How to complete a Community Needs Assessment Survey:
The Community Needs Assessment has been divided into four phases. Online surveys have been sent to service providers and the vulnerable population, focus groups will meet to complete surveys and key informants will be called. We need these groups receiving online surveys to distribute and collect completed surveys from within their organization and from their recipients. Deadline for completion is February 10 for online surverys.
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