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Community Report Card Overview 

Brought to you by our State Association, find out how your community is doing in the areas of education, income, and health. Click here for a great resource!

The report card gives you an overview of 35 key indicators: 
Has the community gotten better?
How does that trend compare to the state’s trend?
How does the community rank compared to others in the state?
How does it compare to the state?


For more information, call us! 765-457-HELP(4357)

My Free Taxes

Free Tax Preparation

We address obstacles that prevent hard working families from getting ahead. When families in Howard County weren't filing the Earned Income Tax Credit, a campaign promoting the EITC was formed and a free income tax preparation site for low-income families, below $60,000, was opened. Six year later, twenty-eight volunteers were trained donating 1600 hours for a savings of $172, 700 for Howard and surrounding counties. This year 1,727 tax returns were completed! Help us spread the word and tell your friends and family about this great service and we are always looking for volunteers, just call 765-457-HELP.

Food to You

Food Pantry Network

In response to increased need and lack of resources, United Way facilitates the Food Pantry Network. Each month pantries meet, visit each other's facilities and share ideas to stretch resources. Through this network, most local pantries participate in a database sharing program.


School S.U.P.P.L.I.E.S

In August, a coalition of labor unions partner with United Way to provide over 1,000 children with needed supplies to begin school. For one week, volunteers screen families and distribute backpacks, Kleenex, pencils, paper and other items collected or provided by unions and other community groups. Clothing and shoes are also collected and distributed.

Meet Up, Eat Up, Read Up

Meet Up, Eat Up, Read Up

We kick in when school lets out. At no cost, this collaboration supplies a midday meal to kids under 18 - then we add fun! Every day brings something different; crafts, games, theater, sports. We learned about fire trucks & safety, healthy eating habits, checked out library books, and made new friends. This year, the number of kids eating healthy meals doubled.

Kindergarten Countdown Camp

Kindergarten Countdown Camp

Kindergarten Countdown is a free summer camp for students with little or no preschool experience. This program is designed to prepare children for their new roles as kindergarten students. 

Born Learning Trails

Born Learning Trails

Children are learning all the time and turning everyday activities into learning moments so let's make it fun! Born Learning Trails turn those everyday moments into learning experiences. Research has shown that interacting regularly with young children helps them be better prepared to start school. Here in Howard County, we have two Born Learning Trails! Visit them at Pettit Park School on the north side of the building and in Studebaker Park on the south side of the park.

Adult Recess

Adult Recess

If play is considered productive for kids, why would it stop being constructive for adults? New research from the National Institute for Play suggests that plays helps sculpts our brains…that sound pretty constructive!  
Most complex problems adults face require creative solutions. Play has a direct role in creativity and finding what works to solve these problems. Not only can play jumpstart our creative problem-solving techniques, it can shake us out of habits that hold us back. So it may sound silly to urge your co-workers and staff to go out and play but the results speak for themselves.  Come out and play! Thursdays on the Square from 11am - 1pm, May 18 - July 12.