2022-23 Grant Opportunities

CIC Grants 2022-2023

Details about our 2022-23 grants are listed in the chart below. If you’re interested in downloading the questions and scoring rubrics for our grants please click on the links for our grant opportunities.

75in5 Education Grant Rubric

Impact Grant Rubric

Grant Descriptions

75in5 Education Grants

United Way endorses a long-term initiative to kindergarten readiness. The purpose of our early childhood learning funding is to support services and programs geared toward the development of children birth-5 years of age.

Impact Grants

United Way is committed to funding innovative and forward-facing programming that promotes measurable impact in the following priority need areas:  

  • ALICE Populations

  • Education

  • Family Financial Stabilization

  • Family Wellness

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

Details on each of these priority need areas are included in the Impact grant’s application

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