COVID-19 Emergency Funding Request Application


Working with a broad array of nonprofits, donors and volunteers across its two-county footprint, United Way serving Howard and Tipton Counties is launching an emergency fundraising effort in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

United Way serving Howard and Tipton Counties, and our social service partners are committed to ensuring that our most vulnerable families have the support they need to weather the short- and long-term impacts of the coronavirus outbreak. 

As the pandemic unfolds, United Way is partnering with nonprofits to make sure supports are in place, to help struggling families who are being hit the hardest right now.

Funding priorities:
• Food distribution to students affected by school closures and other food insecure populations that are isolated or lack access
• Mental Health and Physical Well-being services for those who most need support
• Rent, utility, and prescription medication for those displaced by employment interruption
• Access to childcare for families affected by closures
• Sustaining nonprofits who are providing and supporting critical health and human services
• Long-term recovery and community development opportunities
• Other services identified by this Committee or the United Way




COVID-19 Emergency Funding Request Application