Health Information

Health information

The main CDC gateway site remains at

However, the information continues to evolve and so does the structure of the site. If you have quoted CDC on any of your static information sources, it is always good to ensure it is still accurate. Here are some of the main subheads:

·    Prevention:

·    Latest on face coverings/masks:

·    People at higher risk:

·    Symptoms, testing and a self-assessment:

·    If you are sick or caring for someone:

·    Community promotion resources:

COVID status

·    This webpage maintained by Johns Hopkins continues to carry depressing numbers but it is important to be reminded of the true situation: Dashboard from Johns Hopkins University

·    It also remains critical to have as firm a grasp as possible on the directives within each state (especially if you are answering calls from another state). This webpage from the National Governors Association lists the COVID-19 links in every state:

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