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MISSION UNITED is a critical program supporting US military service members, veterans and their families in Howard and Tipton Counties by helping them access resources that allow them to live their best life. Key focus areas include employment services, legal assistance, financial services, education, health and housing support.

Veteran Statistics

Veteran suicides each year
homeless veterans
1 %
veteran service-connected disabilities

Serving Those Who Served Us

This is Lucas. Lucas is an unemployed veteran who deals with PTSD every day. He recently lost someone close to him and is using illegal substances to try and mask the hurt in his life. On top of all of this, his teeth are in bad condition. Lucas has been trying to get dentures for two years, but his VA insurance would not pay for them and he was having many issues with his HIP insurance. Over the two-year period, Lucas was shuffled back and forth between several agencies who were trying to help.

When Lucas came to United Way, our case manager listened to his frustrations and helped him navigate through the difficulties with his insurance. Because of our donors, United Way was able to help Lucas with his insurance premium and he was finally able to get his dentures. The day Lucas went to Greentown to pick-up his dentures, was an exciting day that made a lasting impact on his life.


United Way fights to get former service members the health outcomes, education and financial stability they’ve earned. Too often, veterans tell us the problem is not a lack of services, but a lack of coordination between those services. Through MISSION UNITED, United Way and its partners help military veterans and their families successfully acclimate back to civilian life by affording them the services and support they need.

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