Thank Your For Your Donation!

On behalf of the thousands of people in our community who are helped through United Way programs and funded partners, thank you for giving! We appreciate the trust you’ve put in our organization to make a difference.

As a hand-raiser and a game-changer, you are fighting for the health, education, and financial stability of every person in our community.

Your gift is already hard at work for kids like Scarlett. Please enjoy reading about the difference you’ve made in her life, knowing there are many more just like her.

This is Scarlett. She was a four-year-old preparing to enter Kindergarten in the fall of 2018. Unfortunately, Scarlett had not yet learned one of the readiness skills needed in order to be ready on her first day. Scarlett could not recognize or spell her first name.

Thanks to United Way donors like you – Scarlett was able to attend K-Camp, a free kindergarten readiness camp. The teacher was able to work with Scarlett to learn her letters and by week three, she was able to write her name.

Scarlett made huge improvements in her readiness skills by the end of camp and was able to start kindergarten better prepared. Your support helps teachers and volunteers work with students on how to get along with others. They practice following directions and rules, and work on recognizing shapes, letters, counting, and writing their names. Thanks to you, Scarlett and other kids in our community can be kindergarten ready – no matter their family resources.

Thank You for Helping More Kids Be School-Ready with Your Gift to United Way.

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