Tips on how to spend your stimulus check

a.       Prepay rent and utilities

b.      Prepay required medical intervention charges with your doctor, or at the clinic. Ensure prescriptions have been filled. Consider the purchase of over the counter medication that might be needed, including children dosage

c.       Be sure to apply for all assistance programs including but not limited to: SNAP, Energy Assistance (LEAP), TANF, HUD Housing (Section 8 Voucher) and if necessary – unemployment. Learn about food banks if necessary

d.      Complete your taxes to access your tax refund and be sure that your government stimulus money is sent to the correct address or correct bank account

e.       Prepay for gasoline by purchasing gift cards

f.        Take care of required car repairs/licensing/insurance

g.      Ensure internet and phone service will be continuing

h.      Purchase gift cards to be used for paper and cleaning supplies

j.        Develop a pool of cash in case of emergency

Call 765-457-HELP (4357) for more information.

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