Buddy Bags are a tool to fight food insecurity for children in Howard and Tipton Counties. Every Friday, qualifying students receive a bag containing enough food for themselves and their family for the weekend. Students are enrolled by teachers and other school administrators to ensure your dollars are going to those who need it the most!

In 2018, 19.6% of children in Howard County and 10.3% of children in Tipton County were considered food insecure.

4,280 children in Howard & Tipton Counties don't know where their next meal will come from.

- Feeding America Statistic

Take Action Now!


One in five children in Howard County don’t know where their next meal is coming from.

Every dollar counts, but how far does your dollar go?

  • $8 pays for one child’s grocery bag for one week
  • $32 pays for one child’s grocery bag for one month
  • $144 pays for one child’s grocery bag for one semester
  • $288 pays for one child’s grocery bag for one year


We’re looking for community members to create mini-campaigns on their Facebook accounts. If you’re interested in raising money for Buddy Bags by challenging your friends, we’d love to have you join us in this fight against childhood hunger.

Email us for help!


Like the saying, it takes a village, we need individuals, civic organizations and businesses to be Packing Partners. These partners will help us pack food into the bags and deliver them to local schools.

If you’re interested in becoming a packing partner, click the link to receive more information.

Questions? Call us at 765-457-HELP(4357)

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