Volunteer Opportunity: Road to Recovery Coordinator Position

Road to Recovery: Volunteer Coordinator Position

Road To Recovery Program

Road To Recovery is an American Cancer Society program designed to help improve the quality of life and reduce barriers to care for cancer patients undergoing active treatment by transporting them to and from cancer-related treatment appointments.

Road To Recovery Volunteer Coordinator Position Summary

The Road To Recovery Coordinator collaboratively manages and monitors requests for Road To Recovery services with American Cancer Society staff partners, and works closely with the volunteer drivers to provide lifesaving transportation assistance to and from cancer-related appointments. In addition to the integral role they play in service coordination, the Volunteer Coordinator also works hand-in-hand in assisting ACS with ongoing program assessment, as well as overall volunteer and community management as it relates to the Road To Recovery program


Service Coordination

  • Monitors requests for transportation contacts volunteer drivers to coordinates assignments.  
  • Provides status and necessary documentation concerning filled and unfilled transportation requests.
  • Works collaboratively with staff and volunteers to ensure accuracy of volunteer records and transportation requests.
  • Ensures timely communication to staff partners, volunteer drivers and patients when issues occur.

Program Assessment

  • Assists staff partner as needed with ongoing assessment of program policies, procedures, availability, community demand, and potential program enhancement.
  • Assists staff partner as needed with assessing available transportation alternatives in the community.
  • Participates in program evaluations as requested. 

Volunteer and Community Management

  • Assists staff partner as needed with recruitment of volunteers.
  • Assists staff partner as needed with recognition of volunteer drivers.
  • Works with staff partner to maintain good relationships with healthcare professionals and other groups in the community.
  • Abides by the guidelines and policies of the American Cancer Society and the program including privacy and confidentiality policies.
  • Responds to questions from new volunteers, and provides appropriate information to support their development in a timely manner.


  • Successful completion of initial Volunteer Coordinator Training and updates as needed to ensure compliance with program standards and guidelines.
  • Pass background check.
  • Knowledge of transportation options in the community.
  • Ability to respond to requests for Road To Recovery rides within a defined timeframe.
  • Ability to keep accurate and organized documentation.
  • Strong communication and listening skills.
  • Strong organizational and time management skills.
  • Access to email, phone and internet required.
  • Appreciation of and respect for diverse backgrounds, cultures lifestyles of patients, caregivers, volunteers and staff.
  • If a cancer survivor, must be one year post-treatment.

Time Commitment

  • Weekly time commitment varies by area. Please speak with your staff partner for more information.
  • Volunteer Coordinators must complete an update training class every two years.

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